Screen Printing

We specialize in decorating garments with a number of screen printing techniques to achieve different looks.


Plastisol is the most popular ink used in the screen printing industry. Screen printing plastisol ink is very versatile, it is opaque on dark garments, and features great adhesion to most garments. Plastisol inks can be printed on most any item that can withstand the heat required to cure the ink and is porous enough to permit good ink adhesion. Plastisol inks sit on the surface of the garment and produce crisp clear designs.


Discharge printing is the process of bleaching the dye out of the garment, leaving its natural color showing through. Color can be printed in discharge ink, however results vary depending on shirt.


Water-based printing features inks that are soft, breathable and able to soak into the fabric of the garment, rather than sitting on top. When printed correctly, they result in crisp, bright prints that you can't feel to the touch!

simulated process

This is the print style that you will want to use when you have a full color design or a photograph. We are huge fans of Simulated Process Printing in these situations. We know that we can get great results every time with Simulated Process.


Foil sheets are heat pressed on top of plastisol inks. We can also mix foil with standard printing but waterbase inks must be used for the other colors being used. Keep in mind that foil does not last as long as normal printing and can start to peel after only a few washes if shirts are not taken care of. To extend the life of the foil please wash these garments inside out in cold water then hang dry. We print a similar color of ink under the foil to help make the shirts last longer when they do start to peel.